The Brief: As President Trump labels Antifa as "terrorists," Antifa memes poke fun at his logic and apparent desire to oppose people who oppose fascism.


Since President Donald Trump declared Antifa to be a “terrorist organization,” Antifa memes have been spreading online, often to mock Trump’s assertion. Because Antifa is not actually an organization, but a name for individuals and loose collectives who oppose fascist and far-right movements, many memes highlight how Trump and his supporters’ depiction of Antifa as a dangerous organization is absurd because such an organization does not exist.

As Trump continues to criticize protestors who he deems to be Antifa, memes and social media posts highlight the holes in his logic and celebrate people who oppose fascism.

Antifa Memes

Have your kids been texting about Antifa?

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A popular joke nickname for Antifa is “Aunt Tifa:”

AnTifA aRe ThE REAL FaScIsTs
by inDankLeft

Tommy Bahama jr doing lords work of getting rid of those Antifa terrorists.
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The Leader Of Antifa

As Antifa has no centralized leadership or formal leader, various memes joke about someone being the “leader” or “CEO” of Antifa. Apparently not everyone was in on the joke as The Intercept reported that a man who posted a satirical tweet saying he was the leader of Antifa was contacted by the FBI.

The hashtag #IAmAntifa is often used to note how anti-fascist sentiments are widespread and to confuse right-wing conspiracy theorists who seek to take down Antifa with hashtags like #ExposeAntifa.

This is what happens when you don’t pray for Alex Jones to protect you from Aunt Tifa
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