The Brief: These memes make fun of people who act different after taking a DNA test on and getting unexpected results.


No race is safe from DNA test memes, which clown people who start identifying with a new culture after finding out they have a minuscule percentage of a previously unknown ethnicity in their genes. These memes are also used to stereotype various ethnicities via common racist tropes.

A more wholesome version of this meme gained popularity earlier this year on TikTok, with users making videos of themselves taking fake DNA tests with surprising results set to Lizzo’s smash hit, “Truth Hurts.”

This is the way from dankmemes

*happy communist noises* from dankmemes

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this meme old yet from dankmemes from memes

Bring the pizza Mario. from dankmemes must be responsible for moms thanking waiters memes:

Guten tag from dankmemes

Haha I love stereotypes from dankmemes

Well, i like tea now from dankmemes

Oi blin, bring the kvass from memes

I’m actually half Irish myself from dankmemes

When says you’re 0.01% Italian from memes

Sorry not sorry from memes

Rapper Logic is often dunked on for constantly bring up the fact that he is biracial in his songs:

IM BIRACIAL from dankmemes

Something something from dankmemes

G’day mate from dankmemes

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