The Brief: This meme format parodies the idea that America's Got Talent judges tend to select performers with a sad backstory, regardless of whether or not they are talented.


Anybody who’s seen NBC’s America’s Got Talent will be familiar with the “Golden Buzzer”. Each celebrity judge has the opportunity to send an act straight to the live shows all with the press of this golden button, but with just one click each, the “Golden Buzzer” is hard to come by…or is it?

Meme-makers all over Reddit and social media have been sharing their guide, if you will, to earning that Golden Buzzer. According to the latest AGT memes, it doesn’t take talent to win over the judges, but rather a sad backstory.

Secret AGT algorithm from r/dankmemes

These memes are meant to roast AGT, by showing how talented and well-trained performers are often passed-over in favor of those with pet-performers, disabilities, and more often than not, “sob stories”.

[redacted] from r/dankmemes

*melodramatic music intensifies* from r/dankmemes

Many of the memes go beyond the typical and into full-on ridiculousness which usually concludes with the judges hitting the Golden Buzzer.

Reality is often disappointing from r/dankmemes

How got talent shows work from r/dankmemes

America’s Got Talent be like from r/memes

Other variations of the image-macro play on the same sentiment, but switch up the format.

My family died in a 🔥 from r/dankmemes

Agt be like from r/dankmemes

Let’s not forget this Surprised Shaq meme crossover!