The Brief: Two meme formats: the "bonjour bear" and the "adios wormhole" have been combined into a new template.


A new meme format has emerged on Reddit that combines “Adios wormhole” memes with “bonjour polar bear” ones. According to Know Your Meme, the adios wormhole image macro, which shows a man entering what appears to be an alternate dimension, started spreading in March 2020. It’s commonly used to represent scenarios in which someone is dramatically departing. The bonjour polar bear is a stock photo that’s been used to represent people coming out of hiding or reemerging after a long time.

Welcome back dad…
byu/zlKxrsan indankmemes

The combined version of these two images suggests that after the man enters the wormhole, saying goodbye in Spanish, he emerges from a hole as a French-speaking polar bear. Variations of these memes depict people undergoing transformations or traveling long distances. They’re particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit where they went viral in July 2020.

Adios-Bonjour template
byu/excretadeleta inMemeTemplatesOfficial

A semi-literal interpretation of an adios wormhole/bonjour polar bear meme:

Gracias for el baguette
byu/Mr_Mammoth-man indankmemes

When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade
byu/Grahomir indankmemes

A mom thanking waiters meme:

Gracias for El foodo
byu/Benedict_Indestructo indankmemes

An Avengers: EndgameΒ  meme:

Adios vs bonjour
byu/goodgamerguy420 inmemes

I don’t know other languages so let’s hope Adios means “I see nothing” and Bonjour means “You fucking dissapointment,i hope you die in a car crash and to be tortured in hell by demons with the most spiked penises, all of your endless tortured eternity”
byu/RusuMatei07 inmemes

Some bonjour/adios memes have added additional panels such as an “hola” cow, an unidentified animal saying “konnichi wa,” and a Shiba Inu saying “guten tag.”

byu/vatsal_77 inmemes

An HD version of the format:

Adios Bonjour Template in High Quality
byu/Gamingzimmer inMemeTemplatesOfficial

A Shrek/Donkey version:

Made you a shrek version
byu/RealDW inMemeTemplatesOfficial