The Brief: As congress debates passing a COVID-19 relief package which could include a $600 stimulus check for Americans, people are sharing memes about how little money that is.


Stimulus check memes focus on the economic relief that may be approved in the tenth month of the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress is working to pass a stimulus package that may include billions in tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and a $600 relief check for many Americans.

Although this $900 billion package is still being negotiated, memes about the possibility of $600 stimmy checks are circulating on social media. As $600 wouldn’t cover the average cost of a month’s rent for a family of four in any state, people are highlighting how these checks aren’t nearly enough to compensate for the economic devastation millions of Americans are experiencing.

People are criticizing the federal government’s measly bailout plan by calling out lawmakers for expecting people to be able to survive with a stimulus check half the size of the one people received earlier in the year.

In a very different vein than “y’all should’ve given me that $1200” memes, people are joking about what they’ll spend their $600 stimulus check on.

Some say it’s time to buy a pitchfork or guillotine:

They don’t know…

You’ve heard of elf on a shelf. Now get ready for…

An Arrested Development meme on just how out-of-touch lawmakers are acting with a $600 stimulus check proposal.

you’ve never actually set foot in a supermarket, have you? from arresteddevelopment