The Brief:

On Twitter, people are sharing five jobs that they've held at some point and asking others to do the same. 


The 5 Jobs I’ve Had Twitter meme format prompts people to share five jobs they’ve had in the past or at present. People are sharing the various jobs they’ve had throughout their lives. This viral tweet format is a way for Twitter users to learn more about each other and to get insight on how career paths are not always linear or expected. For some, this meme could even be a way to learn about interesting jobs that they haven’t considered before.

Some jobs listed like “content creator” and “budtender” reflect how the digital media and other recent changes in culture and economics have led to a set of unique and sometimes unexpectedly lucrative careers.

5 Jobs YouTubers Colleen Ballinger (aka Miranda Sings) and Rosanna Pansino have had:

As the meme evolves, some comedians have taken artistic liberties with the definition of a “job.”

Looks like someone is doing well in the world of competitive gaming…

What jobs have you had?

People are tagging friends at the end of these tweets and asking the question: “what jobs have you had,” contributing to its virality.

Assuming they’re telling the truth, some jobs appear to be downright bizarre…