The Brief:

In honor of 4/20, here's a compilation of memes about the day, the oh-so-funny numbers, the informal holiday, and the act of smoking weed. 


As the cannabis-themed holiday 4/20 approaches, people are sharing a variety of memes that poke fun of various aspects of 4/20.

While some people celebrate 4/20 by getting high, others spend their time making fun of stoners and of the absurdity of having a holiday, even an unofficial one, based-on a set of numbers associated with pot smoking.

As 4/20/19 is during Passover, some Jews are brainstorming ways to make their Seders a little more 4/20 friendly.

On Reddit, the Dank Memes page usually fills up with “dank” 4/20 memes each year.

Inevitably, memes will be shared about how Hitler was born on 4/20/1889.

Lucky for some, this year’s 4/20 falls on a Saturday…

Another way to celebrate 4/20:

A Thanos-related amusing numbers meme:

An amusing news clip:

People are already getting ready for next year’s 4/20, noting that since the year will be 2020, the whole month of April can be considered 4/20. Who knows how many memes there will be this time next year!

Rapper and known cannabis aficionado Snoop Dogg seems to be aware of his status as a high-profile celebrity stoner.

A black hole meme: