The Brief: April 2020 will be an entire month of "4/20," prompting stoners to rejoice via 4/20/2020 memes.


4/20/2020 memes suggest that the informal marijuana-themed holiday 4/20 will last an entire month this year as the duration of April will be “4/20.” For many 4/20 lovers, the 20th of April will be an extra-special day, a sort of super 4/20 or “420 month.” As 2020 has thus far been a disaster and pandemic-filled year, some memes suggest that April 2020 will be a month filled with misfortune. Other 4/20/2020 memes continue to spread excitement about dedicating an entire month to weed consumption.

4:20 on 20/4/2020 is still very much adequate
by inuktrees

A ‘message’ from Snoop Dogg, a 4/20 icon:

I can’t wait
byu/GeorgeOrange18 inmemes

An optimistic 4/20/2020 meme:

We’ve got High Hopes
byu/El_Nealio indankmemes

For the many countries that use a date/month/year calendar system, April won’t really be a “whole month of 4/20.” However, they will get a 4/4/2020 on April 4th.

This is so thad
byu/instasucks indankmemes

*sad 420 noises*
byu/SeargentSaffron indankmemes

4/20/2020 Is Canceled

As Coronavirus-related isolations, lockdowns, and quarantines mean many people will be required to stay in their homes during the month of April, some are declaring 4/20/2020 to be canceled. Many 4/20 concerts, parties, and events have been canceled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus far, as states, counties, and cities issue lockdown and shelter in place orders, many cannabis dispensaries are allowed to stay open, as they are deemed “essential businesses” in some places.

If 4/20 is canceled, at least lovers of funny numbers have 4/20/69 to look forward to in 49 years…

For stoners who rarely leave their couches, quarantines won’t cause much change to their routines, even on 4/20.