The Brief: 2020 has been a doozy, inspiring people to make memes joking that world events are being orchestrated by a TV writers' room.


Twitter memes are asking w”hat’s going on in the 2020 writers’ room?” This has been a surreal year so far, sparking a rise in questions of whether we’re living in a simulation, if we’re castmembers in The Truman Show, and who will be the first to fill out their 2020 Bingo card. News that President Trump tested positive for and was hospitalized for COVID-19 has led to a surge in memes about “2020 writers’ rooms” that suggest that we’re living in a chaotic TV series.

It’s true that the narrative arc of 2020 has included twists and turns reminiscent of something on Game Of Thrones, Lost, or Grey’s Anatomy. Twitter users are joking and making memes about the resemblance between this year and a TV drama, especially since the president has been hospitalized for the very virus which he’s been downplaying for months.

#TBT to murder hornets (which still exist):

Many tweets are calling this the “season finale” of 2020, the United States, and/or of the Trump presidency, which leads to the question: what will happen next season?

Multiple people have questioned if this is the work of Shonda Rhimes…

A nod to Trump tweeting about his positive COVID test at 1 am on Friday.

While the idea that we’re living in a pre-written TV show is, indeed, absurd, so are many events of the past year. As this “season” continues to unfold, we remain both the captive audience and the unwilling cast.