The Brief: 'Tis the season to be jolly, so enjoy these 2020 Christmas memes.


We certainly need some holiday cheer this year after a disastrous 2020. Here are some of the most amusing (and even controversial) Christmas memes circling the net this year.

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A Christmas tradition is Elf On The Shelf memes. Well, celebs put their own twist on it this year, photoshopping a photo of one celeb on another. The gag is their names rhyme. Garcelle Beauvais appeared to have started it all when she shared a picture with a tiny version of herself perched on Pharrell’s shoulder.


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Inspired by Beauvais, Elizabeth Banks joined in on the trend, with “Hanks on Banks.”


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Here is “Sean Penn on Jenn.”


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Here’s a spin with inanimate objects.


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And, animals!

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This TikTok gave Elf a different kind of shelf, if you know what I mean.


My BBL journey! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ #bbl #plasticsurgery #happypatient #holiday #fyp


Some of our favorite meme formats are getting the holiday treatment, too.

A Communist Bugs Bunny meme:

Christmas Meme Advent Calander: Day 7 from memes

A “No Nut November” meme:

This is my first Christmas meme. I hope you like it. from dankmemes

A Mariah Carey Christmas meme:

A Star Wars meme:

I HATE YOU! from PrequelMemes

This one is for those who aren’t ready to learn the truth about Old Saint Nick:

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For the naughty list:

Oh hey it’s December now we can make Christmas memes! from memes

This one is a bit risquΓ©.

Christmas meme! from memes

And, we can’t finish this piece off without a Rudolph meme.