The Brief: As the year 2020 gets weirder and weirder, people are checking off boxes on their "2020 bingo cards."


It’s only June and many events that have occurred so far this year seem straight out of a dystopian novel or work of parody. The absurdity and tragedy that 2020 is host to have inspired memes about people filling out their “2020 bingo cards.” From a pandemic to murder hornets to an impeachment to KPOP stans teaming up with Anonymous, the Kafkaesque happenings of 2020 seem impossible to have predicted.

2020 bingo cards can either be a real game for people to play as unexpected events continue to unfold, or they can be a tongue-in-cheek way to remark on how much of a roller coaster 2020 continues to be. These bingo cards have such titles as “2020 Apocalypse Bingo” or “2020 Bats**t Crazy Bingo Card.” They usually include a mix of outlandish things that have happened and absurd ones that could happen. If the second half of the year includes a Sharknado, a boxing match between Donald Trump and Joe Exotic, and a new Rihanna album, someone just might get bingo.

A popular tweet format includes a news headline with a comment about whether or not someone had that event on their 2020 bingo card. By acknowledging just how surprising the events of this year have been, these memes provide some comic relief during these turbulent times.