The Brief: The 2019 Tennesee Titans memes have largely focused on their QB controversy between Marcus Mariota and Ryan Tannehill. Is this the year the content in the AFC South?


Tennesee fans haven’t had a whole lot to look forward to the past few seasons outside of some choice Titans memes. Their run-first style of play doesn’t leave for much excitement in watching games. Nor does the Titans play at the QB position.

There haven’t been many supporters of QB Marcus Mariota. He must feel like it’s him against the world sometimes (or at least the world of Titans memes).

Seeing Mariota QB the Titans can be difficult for fans of the team.

Thankfully for the Titans, they have a dominant RB in Derrick Henry who is capable of taking over a football game.

Many aren’t even sure a switch to Ryan Tannehill will get different results. Titans memes felt the move might be more of the same.

However, Tannehill saw some success when he took over the starter role. In fact, this was to the delight of the team’s fans and Titans Memers alike.

Some hope the switch to Tannehill is what rookie WR AJ Brown needs to become a consistently relevant fantasy football player.

Maybe even the constantly hyped, but rarely productive, Corey Davis will come alive.

One good week and dynasty fantasy football players may be able to finally rid their rosters of him for more than the nothing in a trade they’ve been offered.

Prayer hands up for that to happen. I’m sure the Corey Davis-Titans memes would be plentiful if it were to happen.