The Brief: 2019 Sonic vs. 2020 Sonic memes compare and contrast the original animation for the Sonic The Hedgehog live-action film with the updated version.


The original trailer for the 2019 Sonic The Hedgehog film was met with ridicule and outrage from fans who found the animation of Sonic’s character to be creepy and egregiously unlike the original cartoon. Paramount Pictures responded to this criticism by pushing the film’s release date forward to February 2020 and working on an animation redesign for Sonic. After releasing the new trailer for the film fans mostly responded positively, praising the changes and thanking the film’s creators for listening to their input. 2019 Sonic vs. 2020 Sonic memes joke ab0ut Sonic’s dramatic glow-up in the months following the release of the initial trailer.

These memes include one picture to represent “2019 Sonic” and another that represents “2020 Sonic.” Particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit, these image macros often reference inside jokes about certain celebrities and characters such as Shrek and Danny DeVito being handsome and even sexy.

A showcase of Reddit’s animosity towards Cardi B and love for Danny D:

They actually did it
byu/bigbo22 indankmemes

Lord Farquad vs. Shrek Jesus:

thank you paramount, very cool.
byu/Bokyaaku indankmemes

Jared Leto as Joker vs. Joaquin Phoenix as Joker:

Just the way we wanted.
byu/horseorcurse indankmemes

2019 Sonic vs. 2020 Sonic memes comment on the impressive makeover that Sonic went under while also making statements about other characters and pop culture figures. These are one of several meme formats that have arisen since the release of the new Sonic The Hedgehog trailer.