The Brief: The New England Patriots win so often they have a target on their backs and the memes are hitting hard.


This is a year in which New England has been so successful that the team is playing significantly better than the Patriots memes being shared.

The 2019 Patriots are coming off yet another Super Bowl victory. They’re the team that fans love to hate, but fans love to make Patriots memes even more.

The Patriots defense is on fire, leading the league in total points allowed, and they’re top-5 in both rushing and passing yards allowed. Add Tom Brady into that mix and most fans expect the Patriots to make yet another Super Bowl run in 2019.

Patriots Memes: Is Tom Brady the Mad Titan?

Yes, we can imagine Tom Brady would be royally pissed if he was traded to the Tennessee Titans, but we’re actually referring to the slew of Patriots memes about Brady being Thanos after winning his 6th Super Bowl ring.

Everyone jumped into the fray on this one. You could say they really had a bug (or Ant-Man) up their butt about it.

These Patriots memes really snapped

Designing another championship ring wasn’t the only fashion accessory folks had in mind.

Fans of every other team in the league can only wish this were actually true…

Tom Brady Might Be the GOAT, But is He A Fashionista?

Tom Brady made a choice this preseason and donned a hat that went over about as well as Barack Obama in a tan suit.

Fans thought Brady might be moonlighting in a barbershop quartet.

Somebody stop him…from wearing that hat again.

When the AB Circus Comes To Town…For 11 Days

Antonio Brown was released by the Oakland Raiders and signed with the Patriots. His tenure with the Pats lasted a mere 11 days, as sexual assault allegations came to light and AB threatened violence on a reporter’s family.

After all the drama with the Raiders, some couldn’t believe the Patriots would sign that clown.

Don’t worry, it really didn’t last long.

Fans of AB’s past two teams couldn’t hide their “I told you so’s.”

Now no NFL team wants to go near Antonio Brown. Hollywood is probably due for yet another remake of The Longest Yard, though.

Patriots Memes: Almost Everyone Hates Them

The Pats win so often, all the other 31 NFL team’s fans hate them. They’re like the Yankees in that way.

It doesn’t help that they’ve been caught cheating. More than once.

Some feel as if the refs are always on their side.

There can’t be THAT many Patriots fans, right?! Some have to be bandwagon fans.

When the Patriots are in the Super Bowl, it seems like everyone is rooting for the other team.