The Brief: Jaguars Memes are shared about as often as Jacksonville fans shout DUUUUVAL to celebrate. QB Garnder Minshew is the star of these memes


Jaguars Memes have flowed like cheap beer at a Jacksonville tailgate.

First, the team decided to move on from draft bust QB Blake Bortles in the offseason.

Instead, they opted to bring in career backup QB Nick Foles and paid him handsomely. Unfortunately, he broke his collarbone in the first game of the season. Enter rookie QB, Gardner Minshew. A year’s worth of Jaguars memes were born.

Minshew may be the best thing to happen to memers since Chuck Norris. Seriously, there are more of these Jaguars memes than wins this season.

Oh, you thought we were done telling you about said hospital?!

He’s the alpha everywhere he goes.

The memers even came directly at Chuck Norris.

Even the flu stands no chance against Minshew.

Minshew can even big time Google.

Even the GOAT isn’t exempt from Minshew’s meme wrath.

The man can make no mistakes.

Lightning McQueen better be on the lookout for Minshew.

Minshew was breaking records early on.

Jaguars Memes: Gardner Minshew is Uncle Rico

Oh, you thought we were done with Gardner Minshew and Jaguars memes. You’re so funny!

Memes quickly noted that Minshew had some Uncle Rico vibes from Napoleon Dynomite.

Minshew’s glory days are happening before our eyes. Our money is on him hucking that pigskin right over those mountains.

Minshew may just be alternate timeline Uncle Rico.

Maybe Uncle Rico was the trailblazer.

Worlds collide! Gardner Minshew met Uncle Rico himself, Jon Gries.

Gardner Minshew is White Goodman

Other memers thought Garner Minshew more closely resembled Dodgeball villain White Goodman

Maybe Minshew put him on his vision board and brought it to his stylist.

The only real difference is that the Jaguars WRs aren’t dodging the balls Minshew is hurling.

In conclusion, Gardner Minshew is a gift to memers and we should all be so lucky to be immortalized as he has been. DUUUUUVAL!