The Brief: The 2019 Indianapolis Colts started their season with the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck. Amidst all the Colts memes remains a sense of hope for this season.


The 2019 Indianapolis Colts memes got off on the sad note out the gates, with the surprise retirement of their franchise QB.


Posted by NFL Memes on Thursday, August 29, 2019

That meme format was popular for this news.

Seriously, so popular. All of the Colts memes with this joke format.

The Colts 46-year old kicker may not have even known that was an option!

Posted by NFL Memes on Thursday, August 29, 2019

Colts memes figured the team was screwed after Luck’s decision to walk away from the game.

Colts fans today…

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When all was said and done, Luck was done running.

Andrew Luck last night…

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With one of the league’s best GM and head coach combos in Chris Ballard and Frank Reich, the Colts seem not to have missed a beat in 2019 with QB Jacoby Brissett under center (yet somehow memers still gave Bill Belichick credit).

He is a genius.

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It doesn’t take a big man to show Brissett the respect he has deserved after some performances this season.

Fantasy football managers have repeatedly regretted leaving Brissett on their benches this season.

They’re going to have to learn to respect the system Ballard and Reich have put in place for Brissett to succeed.

The Colts defense has also been very good this season, building off a strong showing last season.

Last year’s defensive rookie of the year, Darius Leonard, has played well again this season and it has been immortalized on a t-shirt.

Colts Meme Reactions to Andrew Luck Retirement

We covered some of it above, but Luck’s retirement was big news and generated a lot of memes.

Andrew Luck was disappointingly booed by Colts fans when his retirement was leaked during a preseason game.

Others understood that poor offensive line play early in his career had left the QB bruised and battered.

Many Colts memes respected Luck’s decision to walk away once his joy for the game was gone.

We all know you won’t like The Juice when he’s angry…

Many NFL players were also stunned by the news.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expects big things from Luck in the next chapter of his life.