The Brief: Mayor Lightfoot memes are popping up on social media due to her strict policies regarding social distancing and quarantine. The memes serve as a reminder that she is always watching.


Local government officials took safety precautions concerning the spread of Coronavirus into their own hands by creating mandates that required locals to stay inside and practice social distancing. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is known for her serious expression and strict orders on staying inside.Β  She’s admitted to driving around and chastising locals she sees hanging out in large groups. Her no-nonsense approach to the pandemic became a source of joy for many, leading to a slew of Mayor Lightfoot memes on social media.

The first meme on Mayor Lightfoot was posted on Facebook on March 26 by Danny Martinez, according to Forbes. It pictured using a stone-faced photo of Lightfoot from a March 20th press conference. She was photoshopped into five different locations, including a lakefront and a park, to remind locals to stay home.

She captured the hearts of many when she released an amusing public service announcement called #StayHomeSaveLives on March 30 on Twitter. The video received 367,000 views, 13,000 likes, and 4,600 retweets.

More memes began to circulate in early April (and have continued to trend on social media) as a reminder that Mayor Lightfoot is always watching.

One individual even turned the meme into a real-life cardboard cutout.

Twitter users also shared Mayor Lightfoot memes to keep them from binge eating.

Mayor Lightfoot Memes
Mayor Lightfoot Memes

Mayor Lightfoot has joined in on the fun, even retweeting some of her favorites.