The Brief: Here is a list of 10 low-cost home activities you can do by yourself or with your friends and family while you are stuck in quarantine this weekend!


Since many people are remaining in the safety of their own homes worldwide during the Coronavirus pandemic there may seem like there is absolutely nothing to do in lockdown. Well, here is our list of social distancing activities that anyone can do by themselves or virtually with their families and friends.

1) Have an Indoor Picnic

Light up some candles and hang up some string lights or even throw a red cloth over a lamp to make your room feel extra warm and cozy. Then cook yourself a nice meal and chat with the people you are in quarantine with or read a book by yourself. Self-care at its finest!

2) Solve a Puzzle

Listen to a podcast or mix on Spotify. Buy a 1,000 piece puzzle on Amazon and build the masterpiece with your friends and family (or alone).

3) Participate in a Virtual Work out Session

Many fitness influencers on social media are hosting at-home workout sessions through Instagram Live to motivate others to stay active. Others have shared their indoor workouts so you can be your own at-home fitness trainer.

4) Propagate Your Plants (If You Have Any)

If you are a plant lover, propagating your house plants can be a very fun and exciting at-home activity. All someone has to do is cut off a stem from a plant that is already flourishing indoors and then plant that stem in a water tube, glass, or container and watch it grow. Once it has grown a few leaves you can pot it in a vase and volià, you have a new plant and you can do this multiple times with a single house plant.

5) Go on an Online Shopping Spree

Support your local businesses by shopping in their online stores. As there are customarily many mom and pop shops in suburban and metropolitan communities, you can be one of their next customers by searching for new sustainable clothing brands.

6) Have a Movie/Television Night

Watch a movie trilogy or episodic series that you have never seen before. The Star Wars series has 11 movies to choose from which accumulates to over 30 hours of jaw clenching entertainment. Go on your television providers on-demand and there are hundreds of new films that are releasing early due to theaters being closed. Netflix has a platform where friends can even have long-distance viewing parties.

7) Learn a New Creative Skill

There are so many free online courses on Youtube which is why users call it Youtube University. If you have a laptop, view courses on photo editing, video editing, and even graphic design. You could potentially pick up a new virtual hobby by testing your creative side.

8) Redecorate Your Place

Become a personal interior designer for your own home, move around furniture and paint new canvases for wall decor.

9) Start Your Own Personal Blog

Create your own personal blog, write daily posts and personal entries for your own memories. Document your thoughts and days in quarantine and manifest goals for your future.

10) Play Board Games or Virtual Charades

Purchase tabletop games from Amazon and have a game night with your friends virtually or play charades over zoom.

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