The Brief: "Look at him tremble" stumble then strut videos are trending on TikTok after creator @Witney8 pretended to fall and then walk a catwalk to audio from anime Danganronpa and "Nursery" by Bbno$.


Teens are pretending to fall down in the street and in hallways, before regaining their balance and strutting their stuff on an imaginary catwalk. The trend was started by popular TikToker Witney Ramabulana (@Witney8). These videos became increasingly popular in mid-May.

These videos are set to an audio clip from Danganronpa where two characters debate anime, saying, “Anime is an important part of our culture” and “Look at him tremble he’s gonna burst a blood vessel cause I dissed his waifu!” That audio clip is then mixed into the song “Nursery” by Bbno$ and tracked under the audio Nursery- Jayne.


Don’t you like it when these diamonds look
Come a little closer sussy boi
Sip a little henny dats da

TikTokers previously posed to this audio before Ramabulana used it to stumble and strut in a shopping center. She uploaded a video of herself stumbling in heels in a shopping mall with the caption, “Only a #PhantomFrappuccino can make you walk the walk” on Oct. 24, 2019.

Ramabulana’s video has amassed over 1.5 million likes and 11.4 million views.


Only a #phantomfrappuccino can make you walk the walk 😍@starbucks_sa

♬ nursery – bbno$

There have been many cool takes on the trend, like father-daughter duo (@MaggieThurmon) and her dad in heels. The video has over 4 million likes and 20.4 million views.


Bought dad his first and last pair of heels today😂😂 @maggiesdad123

♬ nursery – bbno$

There’s also creator @anaocto on roller skates.


What? Like it’s hard?

♬ nursery – bbno$

And these grads! @Iamoliviaponton’s video received 3.3 million likes and 16.3 million views.


With my bestie🎓🎓@anjezaaa

♬ nursery – bbno$

Other takes on the trend:


y’all said you wanted to see me in this outfit sooo

♬ nursery – bbno$


Rona Runway @beingadp #promlook #fyp #runway

♬ nursery – bbno$


♬ nursery – bbno$


Having a mini me is pretty fun 👠 #MotherDaughter

♬ nursery – bbno$