The Brief: #Kolors is trending on TikTok after creator @Kvng.ryyy's dance marked by the mop, the woah, and a body roll went viral on the app.


The “Kolors” dance is trending on TikTok. It is marked by the mop,  the woah, a body roll, and other crossing arm  motions. Creator @kvng.ryyy shared his new dance set to “Kolors” by Monte Booker featuring Smino on April 30. By June 22, it was on TikTok’s “Discover Page.”


Day 1 trynna make my dance a trend @_gabefernandez is the ending certified???😂 #dance #viral #foryou DC: Meee

♬ Kolors – Monte Booker & Smino

At the time of publication, @kvng.ryyy’s video has been viewed over 9 million times and garnered over 809,000 likes. The associated hashtag #kolors has over 817 million views with @kvng.ryyy’s video at the top of the hashtag. The sound on TikTok is linked to over 4 million videos.

Lyrics featured in “Kolors” TikTok videos:

Purple tree, plus I got this brown in me
Curly yellow dancin’ on me
Said she smell the green on me
And she straight from California
Freaky as she wanna be
Told me she like boys and girls
Oh well, that’s okay with me

Many popular creators are performing the “Kolors” dance, like actor Sofia Wylie:


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♬ Kolors – Monte Booker

Singer Mackenzie Ziegler:



♬ Kolors – Monte Booker



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♬ Kolors – Monte Booker



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♬ Kolors – Monte Booker