The Brief: Virtual school memes are an internet byproduct of the Coronavirus outbreak as students and teachers scramble to make online classes effective.


The internet has always been a place of satire and sarcasm for social media users to display their jokes and concerns about current events occurring all over the world. Virtual school memes are no exception to this ideology as many students are assigned to do their school curriculum inside the safety of their own homes with the Coronavirus still being a major public health risk.

In the United States, over 30 million students have been affected by district mandates to stay home. Schools worldwide are switching to video lectures until they reopen after the Coronavirus outbreak has been contained.

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Many students and teachers are having difficulty transitioning into this new learning environment because of the lack of knowledge when it comes to online learning softwares and video-conferencing technology. Virtual schooling memes are now in full effect with the many technological mishaps and miscommunications bound to happen between students and their professors.

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How to skip school in 2020 from dankmemes

Ha boomer from teenagers

F for the FBI from teenagers