The Brief: A collection of memes that celebrate, satirize, and denounce the February 14th holiday.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means the memes have already begun making the rounds on social media and Reddit. The February holiday continuously proves to be a sore subject among many, because of it’s emphasis on being a day exclusively meant for couples. In recent years, unattached people have chosen to reclaim the day as “Singles’ Awareness Day” or celebrate the day prior, February 13th, as “Galentine’s Day”, a term coined by Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope on the hit TV series, Parks and Recreation.  

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, enjoying some solo Netflix time, or going out with the gals, I’m pleased to report that when it comes to Valentine’s Day memes, there’s a little something for everyone.

V-Day is coming,
Full of chocolate and cheer.
Single or boo’d up?
The meme train is here.

Some memes depict the humorous dread Snapchat users are facing at receiving their only Valentine from an app’s automated message…

While others satirically throwback to elementary school Valentines, with a modern and topical twist.

Anyone familiar with Netflix’s latest sensation Bird Box will certainly appreciate the Sandra Bullock Valentine.

Some memes celebrate singlehood…

Who needs a Valentine when you could have puppies?

While others lament the idea of being alone on February 14th.

And let’s not forget the many memes from The Office…

Including the woman behind Galentine’s Day, Leslie Knope. 

When in doubt, just remember that you can name a cockroach after your ex this Valentine’s Day. The Hemsley Conservation Center in Sevenoaks, England, is allowing members of the public to pay $2 to name a cockroach and they’re not alone!

The El Paso Zoo has announced its special Valentine’s Day event, called “Quit Bugging Me.” This Valentine’s Day, they’re inviting the public to name a cockroach after their exes. They will then feed the cockroaches to the meerkats.