The Brief: The 30-day song challenge is a social media challenge where people can share a different song each day for 30 days according to a set of criteria.


While following quarantine and lockdown guidelines, people are spending more and more time on social media. Among the myriad of ways to pass the time online are social media challenges such as the #ClimaxChallenge, the #DontRushChallenge, and now the 30-day song challenge (#SongChallenge).

This challenge asks people to share one song each day for 30 days. They can select songs based on prompts like “a song to drive to” or “a song from your preteen years.” The 30-day song challenge has spread across several platforms but is most popular on Instagram where users can share songs to their Stories each day.

#SongChallenge On Social

Fans and stans of certain artists have shared special editions of this challenge that are specifically catered to beloved musicians like Taylor Swift and BTS.