The Brief: Demon name memes are rising in popularity on the internet. The meme is marked by a demon demanding an individual reveal their demon name, which is their original name in reverse.


“Write your name in reverse! It’s your demon name” memes are growing in popularity on Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. These memes began appearing on Reddit and Instagram on April 23. It’s unclear who created the first meme, but the meme seems to be inspired by a 2017 meme of character Dean Winchester from the CW horror, sci-fi show Supernatural.

Demon names go!
byu/chaoticsoulzero inmemes

The new meme (as seen on Know your Meme), typically consists of a two-part photo. The top is a demon demanding “Write your name in Reverse! It’s your demon name,” while the bottom square includes the name and a reaction photo. The twist is a resulting funny name. These memes require you to decipher the new name on your own.

Some are easy to read:

I was gonna make one about Bob but then I thought that was too easy
byu/TheClamB4TheStorm inmemes

*sad jar noises*
byu/Kshit__ij inmemes

Some require a bit more skill:

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Death note meme
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Those with palindromes are the true winners:

[deleted by user]
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