The Brief: "I'm Erasing Myself From The Narrative" Hamilton Bonk TikToks sees creators making fun of their toxic behavior.


TikTokers are lip-syncing to “Burn” from the Broadway musical Hamilton followed by a “bonk” noise to make fun of their messy habits and/or toxic behavior. Typically the creator decides they’ll abstain from a specific habit while singing, “I’m erasing myself from the narrative,” before the “bonk” resets them. They then return to their messy ways singing, “I put myself back in the narrative.” These videos are meant to be humorous.

There are 14,000 videos associated with the sound created by @bigboyjuicejuice on July 23.

A crowd favorite by @Lemonslmaoo took aim at a means of seeking attention. She left a group chat, but asked to be let back in when no one seemed to notice.  Her video was inspired by @Homosexualliberal. It received over 556,000 likes and 2.4 million likes.

TikToker @Chiditherat’s video was about his love for tea. It amassed over 290,000 likes and 902,000 views.


i can NEVER help myself #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #TooManyShoes #BiggestFan #NotTheOne #elfMagicAct

♬ i put myself back in the narrative – antoine

Creator @In_the_nic_of_time poked fun at his tendency to drink to overcome feelings of social anxiety. It garnered over 123,000 likes and 555,000 views.


✨courage✨ #party #college #highschool #friends #PlayBall #drink #notviral

♬ i put myself back in the narrative – antoine

Other takes:


not even mad abt it anymore #fyp #hamilton

♬ i put myself back in the narrative – antoine