The Brief: TikTokers are trying to figure out if they are attractive or not by trying to touch their nose and lips at the same time using one finger.


On TikTok, there is a new way to measure your attractiveness and it’s by testing if your finger touches your mouth while also touching the tip of your nose while keeping your finger at a 90-degree angle. These videos typically end with humorous reactions from TikTokers. These videos are performed to “Lotus Flower Bomb” By Wale featuring Miguel.

There are over 19,000 videos linked to the sound, many of which are part of this trend that began appearing in mid-July. One of the earliest videos and popular takes belongs to @Natalie.mayen. The July 12 video which ended with her sobbing on screen received over 52,000 likes and 506,000 views.

😭😭😭#fyp #foryoupage #heartbroken

♬ original sound – Jean-Victor

Creator @Dyane_vidaurre’s video also featured her sobbing. It garnered over 220,000 likes and 2.1 million views.


im so ugly for this😌 #fyp #bignose #foryoupage

♬ original sound – jeanvictorm

Rather than sob about @Yungchua’s video saw him cheat to achieve “attractive” status. After doing so, he smirks at the camera. His video garnered over 282,000 likes and 2.1 million views.


proof #TooManyShoes #PlayBall #elfMagicAct #FanArt #fyp

♬ original sound – jeanvictorm

Other takes:


#duet with @sucmydic69 #inverted self acceptance girly

♬ original sound – jeanvictorm


Well… that hurt #fyp

♬ original sound – jeanvictorm