The Brief: "I Used To Think About Death All The Time" TikToks see creators poking fun at obstacles in their lives while lip-syncing to a review Light In The Mourning: Memoirs Of An Undertaker's Daughter by Margo Lenmark.


TikTokers are creating memes relating death to difficult times in their lives while lip-syncing to a dark humor-filled review of the book Light In The Mourning: Memoirs Of An Undertaker’s Daughter by Margo Lenmark.

The review, which seems like a skit straight out of Saturday Night Live, is an actual review performed by humorist Anne Rasheed and it is featured on the book’s website. In it, Rasheed hilariously discusses how the novel changed her views on passing away, saying:

“I used to think about death all the time. I’d wake up, dead. I’d go to lunch, dead. I’d go to sleep at night wondering if I’m gonna die. Dead, dead, gonna die — or be worm food one day. Until I read this book Light In The Mourning. Now I’m not afraid of death at all! In fact, I can’t wait to die. Honestly, I cannot wait to die.  You know, I wake up in the morning I’m disappointed. I don’t choke on my food at lunch, I’m disappointed. I make it to dinner, I’m disappointed. So, light in the morning. It truly changed my life. And, I tell you, the only way for you to know is for you to read it.”

The video was shared on TikTok by user @landongeorge6. He received over 835,000 likes and 2.8 million views. TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the hilarious and “relatable” content. The sound has been used in over 11,000 videos.


I used to think abt death…

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TikTokers are using the sound to discuss mock their own existential angst, 2020, going to school, and other major milestones in life.


my best essay

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They’ve also poked fun at animals, plants, and inanimate objects.


make the comments look like little snowflake died😤😪 #fyp #foryou #iamlost #dogs #college #summer2020 #thehighnote #letsfaceit #xyzbca #vibes #online

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I guess I’m not meant to be a Plant Gay™️😪 #plants #plantgay #fyp #foryoupage #gay #NobodyNeedsToKnow

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