The Brief: In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, many schools are shutting down to prevent the spread of the disease while many parents are dealt with the difficult task of schooling their young children who are ecstatic to be staying home which is being depicted through homeschool memes.


Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, nearly 64,000 schools are closed to prevent the widespread of this virus throughout the United States.

Parents are now tasked with the daunting responsibility to watch over their kids until the Coronavirus spread is under control. Millions of guardians that have school-aged children are now having to take on the homeschool teacher role in order to keep their children up-to-date with their school curriculum. In the form of homeschool memes, many parents are posting their hilarious frustrations on Twitter and Instagram at their attempts at educating their own children the way they would have been in a school classroom.

Many students and school teachers are glad to be away from the risks of exposure to the virus at their schools but are also joyful to take a longterm break from their schools. The internet has become a free-range diary for people to posts about their concerns on how to navigate around the effects of the Coronavirus on society while their daily obligations diminish. Some people are happy about the idea of working from home until further notice and love not feeling obligated to leave their own homes to drop off their children at school.

Teachers and students who were already a part of the homeschooling community are now posting homeschooling memes of how funny it is to see everyone else struggle during this non-traditional school period when they all have been homeschooled their entire lives.