The Brief: The #GoobaChallenge on TikTok is a dance consisting of twerking, throwing it back, and crossing arm motions performed to Tekashi 6ix9ine's "Gooba."


The #GoobaChallenge on TikTok is an incredibly fast dance routine performed to Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “Gooba.” The dance is characterized by throwing it back, twerking, and crossing arm motions. The dance was created by TikTokers @abspauldsss and @deliabazile. At the time of publication, there are over 744,000 videos linked to the sound, many of which feature the Gooba Challenge being performed.

Lyrics featured in Gooba Challenge :

Don’t blick ride
Leave it to the double thick thighs, twin sisters
Drop it down and wobble, wobble up, mami booted up
She get down and gobble

Creators @abspauldsss and @deliabazile both shared the dance on their respective accounts as far back as May 2020.


NEW DANCE!!! tag us #fyp @abspauldssss

♬ GOOBA – 6ix9ine

The dance began rising in popularity in June. It has already been performed by popular creators, like Charli D’Amelio:

And, Baby Ariel.



♬ GOOBA – 6ix9ine

Creators @diegomartir and @iamlovelypeaches100 video of the quick-paced dance took an unexpected, but amusing turn, leading to over 982,000 likes and 4.7 million views.


this was minutes before @iamlovelypeaches100 got us kicked out 😔

♬ GOOBA – 6ix9ine

Animated character Miss Nettle of Disney Junior’s Sofia the First also attempted the challenge:


baddie <3- miss nettle🧡💛🧡💛CurlsCheck #WhatIdWear SafeguardSplash #PlantLover #missnettle #sofiathefirst #charlidamelio #6ix9ine #dance #foryou

♬ GOOBA – 6ix9ine

Other takes on Gooba Challenge:


larri farted @jack.wright @iamoliviaponton @larrayeeee

♬ GOOBA – 6ix9ine


Yes! Why not! 🙃 dc @deliabazile @abspauldssss #fyp #funnydance #crazydance #randomdance #animationdance

♬ GOOBA – 6ix9ine