The Brief: For the moments where a static smiley face just won't cut it, try one of the 80 animated GIPHY emojis for World Emoji Day.


Today, July 17th, 2019 marks the sixth annual celebration of World Emoji Day. World Emoji Day, or #WorldEmojiDay as it’s often hashtagged on Twitter and Instagram, is the one day every year on which we celebrate the mindless fun that are emojis.

In addition to Unicode’s official selection of emoji characters, GIPHY recently released 80 animated emojis that make for the perfect response when a standard emoji just won’t cut it. To help users celebrate World Emoji Day, we’ve pulled examples of some of our fave animated emojis, all of which are available on GIPHY’s app.

Dumpster Fire

This emoji is perfect for sharing on #MondayMorning, when you arrive to the office only to find an overcrowded inbox.

Chef’s Kiss

This emoji signifies “good taste”, often quite literally. One might use it to express their excitement for grabbing pizza at 3 AM with the fam.

Finger Wave

Just say no… when your bestie asks if she should text her FWB after 3 glasses of wine. Better save that Netflix and Chill session for another night.

Head Exploding

This emoji is meant to be used for stressful situations and/or moments full of surprise. When that surprise or stress is so great that it feels like one’s head might literally explode.

Tea Cup

Time to spill some tea! Friends can plan on using this emoji when they’ve got piping-hot gossip to share with the group chat.

Cursing Face

This emoji GIF censors itself. Send this to someone the next time they (heaven forbid) spoil the latest episode of Big Little Lies. 


What with all the Area 51 memes circulating Twitter right now, there’s never been a better time for cute, blinking aliens.

Hair Flip Girl

It’s hot girl summer, duh. The most basic moments deserve the most basic of emojis and nobody’s more basic than the girl flipping her hair. “Girl flipping her hair” can be used to convey “Duh” for the most obvious or “Whatever,” when brushing off the haters.