The Brief: Background imagery for Zoom meetings is a feature on the video-conferencing application that allows users to display a virtual background behind them during these moments of self-isolation and quarantine.


Zoom has an innovative feature that is bringing joy to people who are quarantined. The background image meme feature allows Zoomers to input a virtual image behind them during online meetings and video calls which is being heavily used in these mundane times of isolation. The virtual background feature is another way of making video conferences more entertaining for Zoom’s users.

Aside from the professional world and Zoom University, friends are taking advantage of this feature to spice up being stuck inside for days on end. Zoom background image memes are being popularly used for virtual happy hours between friends and for general group hangouts to avoid physically seeing each other in person which is being posted all over Twitter and Instagram.

Reaction Memes Examples:

Since everyone is working from home, reaction memes are a form of background images Zoom users are jumping on in hopes of making their calls more fun.

Instructions on how to add Background Images on Zoom calls:

According to Zoom’s help center, users can simply log in to their Zoom web portal, click ‘Room Management,’ under ‘Zoom Rooms,’ then click ‘Account Settings’ at the top of the page. In the ‘Account Profile’ menu tab, under ‘Background Image for Zoom Rooms,’ click ‘Upload New Image.’ Then, you should be all set to customize your Zoom Room in any way you want it to be and enjoy your self-isolation in the most technologically-savvy way possible.

Fun Zoom Backgrounds To Try:

These memes and images are a great source for sharing and using during Zoom calls with friends for personal hangouts and even professional meetings until everyone can safely release themselves from self-isolation.

For when you’re trying to stay positive during a pandemic:

A Trump poster meme:

That face when you stocked up on toilet paper but not on food:

For when you wish you were at Coachella:

An important reminder of why we’re staying at home:



It’s Coronatime…

For teachers trying to seem hip:

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