The Brief: The Full House trend, which requires friends to recreate their own version of Full House's opening credits, is rising in popularity on TikTok.


The Full House trend on TikTok is marked by users and their friends recreating the opening credits scene of the hit ’90s sitcom Full House. Users ask their friends to record themselves doing something out of the ordinary, before stopping and waving at the camera, while the Full House theme song is played underneath it.

The trend originated when TikTok user @sirfishwad uploaded a video of on Feb. 15. It received over 570,000 likes and 4 million views, to date.

@sirfishwadand my mom said i didn’t have friends♬ original sound – sirfishwad

The Full House theme song, called “Everywhere You Look” by Jesse Frederick is linked on TikTok under @sirfishwad’s sound and has been used in over 160,000 videos.

The TikTok trend continued to rise before dying down mid-march March 2020. However, it’s seeing a resurgence in April 2020 after a popular TikTok user @emmwee took on the trend with her friends on March 24. Her video has since received over 855,000 views. The sound, now linked under @emmwee, is building in popularity, and has amassed 500 videos and counting.

@emmweeTAG WHO YA SEE πŸ™‚ THIS WAS SO FUN TO MAKE LOL ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou♬ original sound – emmwee

It’s since been rehashed by another group of popular TikTok creators. @Neko_channn’s video (featuring accounts @treclements, @meishmoe, @max, @strawhatdan, @challxn, @isaiahxavier10, @sauceyogranny, @dropmeoff, and @mukhtarhuh who is known for coining the viral phrase, “I’m in the ghetto… ratatata”) has garnered 66,000 likes in less than a day.

@neko_channnFull House tiktok edition @treclements @meishmoe @max @strawhatdan @mukhtarhuh @sauceyogranny @challxn @isaiahxavier10 @dropmeoff

♬ original sound – emmwee