The Brief: TikTok's "Electricity Game" effect challenges creators to track a ball through an electric maze. The effect is trending on the app.


TikTokers are testing their coordination and strength by playing the “Electricity Game” effect on TikTok. The new filter places a moving  maze on the screen. TikTokers use their head to track a ball through it without getting fried. Many TikTokers are attempting to beat the game while in a pushups position, adding an endurance component. The effect has amassed over 51.2 million views and the hashtag #ElectricityGame is trending on the app.

TikTok‘s “Electricity Effect” page calls out creators to take the challenges, asking, “How long can you last? Try our new #ElectricityGame and show us your high score!”

The game begins with a short countdown and progress is tracked at the top of the screen. Many creators have been successful.

This guy attempted the challenge while laying on the floor. Impressive!


Scoliosis >>> pushups

♬ ROCKSTAR – DaBaby, Roddy Ricch

Those who do fail, get “electrocuted.” The filter even adds a little soot to the creator’s face.


don’t mind my dusty balcony BUT i thought that circle thing was like a powerup 💀

♬ ROCKSTAR – DaBaby, Roddy Ricch

Here are other attempts at the “Electricity Game:”


That’s one way to get a chest workout! Try this new effect! #fitnesschallenge #keepingactive #fitness #witnessmyfitness

♬ original sound – Darren