The Brief: "Eat My Rice And Cabbage" videos are growing on TikTok. The trend typically consists of creators dressing up as three characters hyping each other up, like in a freestyle battle.


“Eat My Rice And Cabbage” videos are growing in popularity on TikTok. The  trend consists of a single creator portraying pretending three related characters, objects, or brands (like cell phones, Disney Channel stars, etc.). The characters hype one another up. It is performed to the “Eat My Rice And Cabbage” sound uploaded to TikTok by user @Itzmejoeyyy on April 1.

Creator @Itzmejoeyyy’s video dates back to 2016 and featured a young girl singing the lyrics, “It’s true that I’m a bad b*tch. I eat my rice and cabbage. A** so fat he want to grab it,” which appears to have originated from a viral Vine rap video from 2015.

Though, @itzmejoeyyy’s video also features a rap verse from another young lady, saying, “See it’s true that I’m a bad b*tch. But f*ck that rice and cabbage. I was cornbread fed, collard greens, baked beans, rice, instead.” Now, that audio is being used in skits across TikTok. There are currently over 5900 videos linked to the sound.


I eat my rice and cabbage! #fyp #distancedance

♬ original sound – JOEYY SINGS

On TikTok, creators are using the sound to showcase a cypher between three objects, brands, characters, etc. These skits typically feature the first two characters hyping each other up, before the third character makes a bold entrance.

Here’s a skit by @iamdiorrrr. It features three rival cell phone brands Samsung, Google Pixel, and iPhone.

Creator @joshomz poked fun at Disney Channel shows Hannah Montana, Wizards Of Waverly Place, and That’s So Raven.


This is Disney Channel’s Hall of Fame, argue with your mother 🤷🏽‍♂️ #disneychannel #hannahmontana #wizardsofwaverlyplace #thatsoraven

♬ original sound – JOEYY SINGS

Creator @Zachariahdemylo’s video was centered around the #ImBlackMovement, and featured white and non-Black POC hyping up Black creators.


A MOVEMENT✊🏽❤️ #fyp #blacktiktok #blacktiktoktakeover #foryoupage #blackpeople #blackvoicesheard #blackout #acousticcovers

♬ original sound – JOEYY SINGS

More videos in the trend:



♬ original sound – JOEYY SINGS


♬ original sound – JOEYY SINGS