The Brief: The #DontRunChallenge, also known as, #WhyAreYouRunning challenge features very fast footwork performed to DJ Eddy Beatz "Why Are You Running" (Remix).


The Don’t Run Challenge, also known as the Why Are You Running Challenge tests TikTokers ability to catch some quick-paced foot work. It’s set to DJ Eddy Beatz “Why Are You Running” (Remix). The song repeats, “Why are you running?” over and over again while dancers perform fancy footwork, with many moves originating from various countries in Africa.

The dance appeared on the app when @ineskaney’s video shared her video on April 22 with the caption, “New Afro Dance Challenge.” Her sound is linked to 25,000 videos and the associated hashtag #DontRunChallenge has been viewed over 14.3 million time and #WhyAreYouRunning has over 50.6 million views.

TikToker @ineskaney’s video gained over 44,000 likes.


A lot of you asked me to do this challenge! Here you go🥰 don’t forget to tag me, duet with me and #dontrunchallenge ❤️ #fy #foryou #fyp #viral

♬ Dontrunchallenge – Inès Kaney

The dance began to rise in popularity throughout May and June 2020, having been attempted by popular creators like tWitch. His video earned him 41,000 likes.


This is officially my favorite challenge. DC: @ineskaney I gotta sauce it up like you thooooo #afro #thebosshouse #dontrunchallenge

♬ Dontrunchallenge – Inès Kaney


Other takes on the trend:


😭😭😭😭et pourtant j’ai fait de mon mieux😭😭😭😭😭aidez moi stp

♬ Dontrunchallenge – Inès Kaney


LET’S DANCE🔥#afrobeats #chopdaily #BlackLivesMatter #afrodance #dontrunchallenge#Flawless #Fyp #ForYou #Dance #1million

♬ Dontrunchallenge – Inès Kaney