The Brief: A meme of DJ Khaled looking surprised while standing up and holding a drink is making rounds on Twitter.


There is a new reaction meme of DJ Khaled circling the net. The rapper, who once ruled the internet with sayings like “Another one” and “Congratulations, you played yourself ,is at the center of a new hilarious meme.

In a short video, the rapper appears to be in a tropical location. He is sitting at a table by a river drinking Ciroc Kryptonite from a wine glass and holding a coconut in the other hand. At one point, he stands up suddenly, as if startled and/or surprised. He then peers into the distance.

Now, the video is being used as a meme and has come to represent moments when people have felt caught off guard, startled, shocked and/or spooked by something.

This one is for the smokers.

These two are for music enthusiasts.

Here’s a biblical take.

This is when Jesus needs to take the wheel.

Of course, there are many Avengers movie references.

This one pokes a little fun at foodies and social media.

Household duties:

A Covid reference.