The Brief: The Carl Wheezer and Shrek Meme is an imaginary scene created by a fan of both animations that displays two characters from each narrative in a conflict which is used as a meme template to express opposing perspectives in other real-life situations.


A Carl Wheezer and Shrek crossover is an animated collaboration that seems too odd to ever actually exist on the television screen but that hasn’t stopped social media users turning both beloved kid’s entertainment brands into a hilarious meme.

Depicted above, the first known iteration was uploaded to Imgur in September 2019. It has transformed from fan art to the “We Meet Again…” Meme which explains why Carl Wheezer from Nickelodeon’s, Jimmy Neutron is equipped with a striking sword while masterful, Shrek is displayed at peace like Yoda from Star Wars with a sword right beneath him. This unlikely battle is another great form of imagined art that is capable of being used as the best meme template for uncanny and unwanted life situations.

i appreciate your big brain from dankmemes

All hail the engineers from dankmemes

The holy grail from dankmemes


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