The Brief: TikToker @Car.shearer's rendition the  skidabop dance has taken on a new form after he added his own moves. It's since been turned into video game memes.


Creator @Liljahfreebandz’s skidabop dance has taken on a new form after TikToker @Car.shearer added his own moves, sped it up, and shot the video from creative angles. The skidabop is marked by bopping up and down while quickly moving your arms in-and-out and side-to-side. It is performed to SchoolBoy Q’s “Collard Greens” featuring Kendrick Lamar mixed into Drake’s “Doing It Wrong.”

@Car.shearer hit the original choreo, before punching his arms downward, followed by pounding his fist towards the floor and stepping outwards from side-to-side.  He skipped TikTok’s “Disco” effect which are typically seen in skidabop TikToks. @Car.shearer’s July 20 video was a hit and has since received over 1.5 million likes and 6.8 million views. There are over 4100 videos linked to his sound.



♬ original sound – Carson.

@Car.shearer’s sharp motions reminded many users of characters in Fortnite, SIMS, and Minecraft, resulting in internet users creating edits of him in video games on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Internet users are encouraging others to get in on the fun, as a green screen template is already on YouTube.

TikTokers also can’t get enough of it, with many duetting @Car.Shearer and creating shot-for-shot remakes.


#duet with @car.shearer I tried 😂😂😭this was highkey fun but tedious lol @lijahfreebandz (click link in bio)

♬ original sound – car.shearer

There are also dance chains.


#duet with @makibethea let’s gooo 😂 keep it going #fyp @car.shearer

♬ original sound – car.shearer

The choreo has also become the subject of memes and motivational posts.


I jus took… 7 exams in 11 days @car.shearer #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – car.shearer


This is just one of the jokes and I’m definitely not sad at all 🙂 (dancing in heels when ur bad at dancing is not good lol) #foryou #satire

♬ original sound – car.shearer