The Brief: As quarantine schedules and routines are a must in the wake of a public health crisis, social media users are sharing their ways of adapting to self-isolation and are inspiring others to build a daily regiment


Quarantining isn’t an easy declaration to follow for weeks on end, so many social media users are sharing their tactics of tackling boredom and loneliness through their highly-productive daily routines and schedules or lack thereof.

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a strong online community for individuals to seek help if they are fighting mental instability through isolating themselves or for people to escape from the world around them. Twitter has become an open forum for people to ask questions and receive quick answers on how to keep busy in the wake of a pandemic. Instagram has also become an outlet for its users to share their schedules or notes on how to remain sane in a period of isolation. Social media has become the strongest asset for people to learn how to remain productive and positive so that users have open communication about what to do next during the quarantine.

Here are some Twitter users ways of remaining productive:

Best Quarantine Routine Memes to fight paranoia:

Remember to vibe check daily: