The Brief: TikTokers are forming collectives where they don candy-colored wigs, following the popularity of the @TheBadWiggies account.


Many TikTok houses (Hype House) and collectives (The Jersey Trio) are known for some of the most popular creators on the app banding together to constantly create more content together while building out their audiences.

A different type of collective is growing in popularity on the app. These TikTok accounts are marked by a few members (who aren’t already popular TikTokers) wearing multi-colored wigs and taking on various trends. These types of accounts started to appear on the app during October 2020. This sort of account trend appears to be inspired by The Bad Wiggies  (@TheBadWiggies) account.

Who Are The Bad Wiggies?

Their identities aren’t widely known on the app; fans and followers refer to each member by her wig color: pink, blue, and purple. Their videos are also marked by quick transitions. Their earliest TikTok video dates back to Sept. 2.

The group has inspired the hashtag #BadWiggies which has received more than 12.6 million views. Under it, there are videos created by other accounts imitating some of the wiggies’ most popular videos, like this one from the Viva La Swing trend which they filmed in a vacant lot.



♬ Viva La Swing aka #SandoTwist by @Abiud_Sando – Mingaling 2.0



some girl asked to be our third in the vid. should we keep her? #Affirmations #razrfit #badwiggies

♬ Viva La Swing ps. tugboat_spenny is OG spinner – Mingaling 2.0

The Bad Wiggies have collaborated with other wiggie accounts and popular TikTokers, like @Undos.



♬ ass is sweaty – Kellan

Why Is The Wig Trend Popular?

It seems like the notion of spreading positivity, vibing, and having an all-around good time is part of The Bad Wiggie mantra. In an Oct. 9 Instagram post, they condemned others who made hateful and racist remarks about other TikTokers recreating their videos while also sharing their mission, saying  “We are all about loving one another and good energy.”


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It appears this sort of energy is infectious, leading others to create their own wiggie-style collectives. Parody accounts often don the same color wigs (pink, blue, and purple). Many of these TikTok accounts even feature a play on The Bad Wiggies’ TikTok bio: “Give ’em wiglash” writing, “Give ’em dadlash,” “blacklash,” and “mixedlash.”

These types of accounts are also able to rack up tons of views, upwards of 2 million on videos.

Other Wiggies:

@Dadwiggies has culminated an audience that is nearly as large as the Bad Wiggies, accruing nearly 1.7 million followers. Their first post dates back to Oct. 2.


Legendary 🕺🏼 @therangerz

♬ original sound – royalfamilydancecrew

Chocolate Wiggies’s first post was Oct. 2.


To say I’m fine and a matter of fact.. #fyp #foryou #ItBeLikeThat

♬ ion want your man bbg – Jadebby💗

More accounts:



thanks for 600 followers 😏

♬ original sound – NELLE 💿👑



Hola Wiggies!! @badwiggies #ColorCustomizer #wigs #badwiggies #DoItBold #latino #latina #latinawiggies #florida #forupage

♬ Viva La Swing ps. tugboat_spenny is OG spinner – Mingaling 2.0

Latino Wiggies:


who is she? 😩 #fyp #miami #alexademie #alexademiechallenge

♬ Yo Voy – Zion y Lennox

Black Wiggies:


😬 #wiggiesfromtheblock #blackwiggies #foryou

♬ Tana your apology sucked – Katie



@dadwiggies @badwiggies the newest wiggies are in town watch out #wiggies #fyp #dadwiggies #badwiggies #funny #halloween #wigs #walmart

♬ original sound – Walmarts wiggies 😈