The Brief: The Silhouette Challenge, also known as, #silhouettechallenge, is a TikTok trend that features creators editing their silhouette and that of a fictitious character, usually anime, in an intimate setting.


The Silhouette Challenge on TikTok features creators editing the silhouette of a fictitious character, typically anime, into videos that depict them in close and intimate quarters. These videos are set to a number of different tracks, but can be found under the hashtag #SilhouetteChallenge, which has accrued over 1.2 million views.

The trend began growing in popularity on the app around July 21, but trace back to early July. One of the earliest videos is by creator @Annikin_ . On July 5, she shared a TikTok of herself leaning against a doorway. The real life footagebecame a graphic featuring her silhouette next to Haikyuu!!‘s Tetsurō Kuroo. The video was set to “Walking Back” by Lucas Brontk. It received over 166,000 likes and 729,000 views.

TikToker @frenchfrydust created a similar video using the same track, but featured Haikyuu!!‘s Tobio Kageyama. This video received over 57,000 likes and 306,000 views.


y’all I can’t stop simpin >///< #kageyama #haikyuu

♬ 陸版抖音楠故原聲 – 凌呦★⊙v⊙★

She followed with more videos set to different tracks after her followers asked for more videos featuring different anime characters, like Haikyuu!!‘s Takanobu Aone.


Reply to @badgermoles ily ty for the posing idea I love this big bear sm 🥺💛💛 #aone #haikyuu

♬ original sound – Clover🍀🍀

Others creators hopped on the trend and made their own special edits.


i won’t tell u who my crush is (∩︵∩’) #sillouette #anime #fyp #hunterxhunter #trustfall #sillouettechallenge #chrollolucilfer #chrollo #weeb

♬ original sound – Julien aben