The Brief: 8D audio is a revolutionary way of listening to music through earphones that sounds similar to a live performance with speakers and sound being projected all around the listener.


In spite of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are searching for other avenues to satisfy their needs for an immersive musical experience over the fact that many music festivals were either postponed or canceled this year. Since 2018, 8D audio has left many listeners dumbfounded at the fact that sound technology can immerse someone in a song just as if they were watching the artist perform live.

This new way of listening to music produces a surround sound effect where the listener can hear the sound of the music traveling around them. Music engineers create a type of binaural recording where the listener can hear the audio’s movement which tends to start at the ear’s of the listener to creating distance which ends up having this spatial effect. This is an untraditional methodology for producing music but is beginning to see traction on Youtube and Spotify.

Now, music platforms like Spotify have curated playlists that accumulate to having nearly 500,000 likes that are dedicated to these niche types of listeners who love 8D audio. Just like motion-picture imagery, 8D audio is the 3D format of listening compared to exhibiting a blockbuster film.

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