The Brief: Parallel universe memes are trending on Twitter after scientists claim to have found a parallel universe where time moves backwards.


Earlier this week, many publications (The New York Post, IGN, Forbes, etc.) reported NASA scientists found evidence of a parallel universe where everything is moving in the reverse. Those reports were all attributed to findings made in an April 8 article on New Scientist, titled “We may have spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time.”

Experiments reportedly involved a giant balloon to carry NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA)  above Antarctica, where cold and dry air provided the perfect environment with little to no radio noise to distort their findings.

Scientists noted low energy particles – neutrinos – can pass completely through the Earth and will barely interact with the our planet at all, but higher energy objects are stopped by the solid matter of the Earth. And while a constant “wind” of high-energy particles constantly arrives on Earth from outer space, this experiment detected high energy particles coming “down” from outer space. “To detect a heavier particle – a tau neutrino – coming “up” out of the Earth would imply that these particles are actually traveling backwards in time,” wrote the Daily Star.

CNET, has since debunked the reports, claiming there is not enough evidence to support the extraordinary claims. Regardless, Twitter users entertained themselves by creating a number of NASA parallel universe memes.

Many made jokes about the alternate versions of themselves.