The Brief: 2019 Eagles memes hope to see the Philadelphia Eagles return to Super Bowl form.


2019 Philadelphia Eagles memes tell the tale of a team that won the Super Bowl in 2018 trying to secure another championship.

The Eagles have consistently struggled in the first half of the 2019 season, but the second half has been a different story for them as told by this Drake meme.

Injuries have already plagued the Eagles’ defense. While their front-7 remains strong, their secondary has been pretty banged up.

The Eagles’ DBs got especially torn up by the Dallas Cowboys’ WRs.

Eagles fans holding out hope were disappointed to see one of the best CBs in football traded to the Los Angeles Rams.

Injuries have also been hard on the Eagles’ pass-catchers, with their uninjured counterparts also struggling. This Eagles fan dropped a savage takedown of Nelson Agholor.

To be fair, Agholor can’t be mad at the haters when he’s out there alligator arming passes like in the video below.

Meanwhile, Carson Wentz has kept up his reputation of being made of glass and has been banged up much of this season.

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Green Bay Packers fans are cheeseheads, so Eagles fans decided they’d get in on the fun.

However, fans of the rest of the NFL teams have no love for Eagles fans (or Cowboys fans for that matter).

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Eagles Memes Call Out Misogyny

Eagles’ TE Zach Ertz missed part of training camp to cheer on the rockstar US Women’s National Team in the World Cup, which includes his wife, soccer player Julie Ertz. Reports from some publications made the mistake of  identifying her as “Ertz’s wife” rather than acknowledging her as a soccer player, and Eagles fans were not having it.

Sadly, this misogyny was not surprising. Nor were the comical responses.

Zach Ertz got in on the fun as well.

As did the Eagles.

Zach was one proud husband after the USWNT brought home the World Cup championship.

Seriously, though. Couple goals.

Fantasy football owners have been left hoping that Zach will follow in his wife’s footsteps and deliver a championship-winning season.