The Brief: These Rams memes help us predict whether the team has a shot at returning to the Super Bowl this season after their disappointing loss to the New England Patriots.


Los Angeles Rams memes have been as present as rush hour traffic in 2019.

The Rams took a bad loss to the Patriots last season. It was embarrassing for head coach Sean McVay to say the least.

Despite that, every NFL team with a head coach vacancy wanted to hire someone who was in any way associated with McVay.

It hasn’t worked out great for the Cincinnati Bengals so far, but that was the strategy behind their head coach search.

This meme hasn’t aged well for San Francisco 49ers fans, as the team is playing very well under head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Even Mr. 8-8 himself, former Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher, was pulled into the meme fray.

The Arizona Cardinals made sure to mention the McVay connection when they announced their new head coach.

Trendy offensive guru head coaches aside, the Rams have struggled in 2019 due to poor offensive line play. They aimed to solve that problem by…wait for it…trading for a CB.

Posted by NFL Memes on Friday, October 18, 2019

The move did not phase the reigning Super Bowl champs, who the Rams seem likely to face if they can make a comeback.

Posted by NFL Memes on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Rams have lost some tough games in 2019, at one point missing a potentially game-winning field goal.

Posted by NFL Memes on Thursday, October 3, 2019

Meanwhile, the play of QB Jared Goff has been erratic at best, as depicted by this Spongebob meme.

Fantasy football owners have been tilting over starting him in supposedly positive matchups, as seen in this Joker meme.

Some fantasy football managers need to use the eye test instead of listening to so-called “experts.”

Rams meme-makers can only hope that there are better days ahead for their QB.

Devonta Freeman “Fights” Aaron Donald in these Rams Memes

Frustrations ran high as the Rams were beating the lowly Atlanta Falcons. RB Devonta Freeman took on the best defensive player in the NFL to hilarious results.

Perhaps Donald thought it was time to change Freeman’s diaper.

It really was a one-sided affair.

Some might say Freeman got sonned by Donald.

Others went in a similar “I am your father” direction, making hilarious Star Wars memes.