The Brief: #WorldHealthDay is on April 7 of every year and the purpose of the day is to bring awareness to global health and to remind everyone of the crucial responsibility people have when it comes to conserving the well-being of the world.


On April 7th of every year, #WorldHealthDay occurs to remind everyone to take care of each other and to bring awareness and recognition to those who play an active role in healthcare. #WorldHealthDay is an initiative that was formed in 1950 by the World Health Organization. The global awareness holiday’sΒ sole purpose is to showcase concerning public health issues of each year in hopes of building more awareness that results in improvement.

Social media users on applications such as Twitter and Instagram are paying homage to the healthcare providers and nurses who support the public by expressing how they #CelebrateDoctors. Especially during the wake of a pandemic, people are showing their immense appreciation for those who are helping in the fight against the novel Coronavirus.