The Brief: #StimulusCheck and #StimulusDeposit memes are going viral on Twitter and Reddit after the IRS began issuing $1200 to taxpayers to alleviate any financial hardship caused by the Coronavirus.


Due to COVID-19, many Americans lost their jobs and others experienced a huge cut in wages. In an effort to alleviate any economic hardship resulting from the virus, the Internal Revenue Service issued $1200, known as a stimulus check or deposit, to most American taxpayers. #StimulusCheck and #StimulusDeposit memes began to circulate on Twitter and Reddit once many Americans began receiving their deposits on April 14 and 15. #StimulusCheck and #StimulusDeposit began trending on Twitter. Reddit users launched an entire “Stimulus Check” community in March. The group is now filled with thousands of users posting memes about their government aid status. Even those who have yet to receive their funds, also contributed to the #StimulusChecks and #StimulusDeposit memes on Twitter and Reddit.

Some Twitter and Reddit users reacted with memes expressing excitement.

Others shared memes about how they plan to spend the money.

When the stimulus check hits.
by instimuluscheck

“Why shouldn’t I keep it?” -Bilbo Baggins
byu/JefferyDeanNegan instimuluscheck

When my landlord asks why Iโ€™m buying a gun with my stimulus check instead of paying rent
byu/actuarial_defender instimuluscheck

#StimulusCheck #StimulusDeposit memes stimulus check stimuls deposit

Others are still waiting on it.

I really need my money, sir.
byu/mexica90 instimuluscheck

Me watching Chase bank users celebrate
byu/richardisb0red instimuluscheck

For those of you who are uncertain of the status of your deposit, please check the IRS’ new tool Economic Impact Payment at This tool allows you to check the status of a payment, including the date it’s scheduled to be deposited or mailed.