The Brief: Space Force Flag memes are trending on Twitter after President Trump unveiled the new flag for the new military branch of government called Space Force on May 15.


On May 15, President Trump unveiled the flag for the newest branch of the US military: the Space Force. In December 2019, Trump signed a law into measure to create the new task force that is responsible for expanding the United States’ military presence in space, according to Bloomberg.  Offensive and defensive operations in space were previously delegated to the Air Force.

During the presentation, Trump hinted at the prospects of a new “super-duper” missile, saying the U.S. is “building right now incredible military equipment,” which includes a missile that would travel faster than any other in the world “by a factor of almost three,” reports Bloomberg.

Many find Trump’s Space Force a source of comedy, having inspired a Netflix series (appropriately titled Space Force) starring comedians Steve Carell and John Malkovich. It’s set to premiere on May 29.

Those two comedians aren’t the only ones making wise-cracks about the new military branch. Since the unveiling of the task force’s official flag, Twitter users immediately began sharing hilarious Space Force and Space Force Flag memes.

Many were preoccupied with how similar the Space Force flag looked to that of the Star Trek‘s Starfleet flag.

Others memes poked fun at what Space Force might actually do.