The Brief: Even though the world is in hysteria over a global pandemic, there is a growing community of people who are resisting mandates to quarantine and are protesting online and on foot for a #LockdownEnd.


The novel Coronavirus has affected all aspects of everyday life and people are resisting government mandates to stay inside because they want to either go back to work or go to the beach at their own leisure. With thousands of Southern California beachgoers flocking to the beaches in the past couple of days; this has caused a major uproar online as people criticize members of the public who were not abiding by social distancing rules and strict facial coverage requirements in group settings.

On Twitter, there are people who are rooting for a #LockdownEnd to occur in the upcoming days. The growing online community of young and older generations who want the stay-at-home orders to end in the United States are leaving many others baffled by their unlawful decision making. 72% of Americans are following and supporting the orders to remain inside while other Americans are demanding their freedom to go and do whatever they please in spite of a global pandemic.

The hashtag went viral on Twitter and many users of the social media platform are rallying together to show their unwavering support for healthcare professionals and their willingness to stay inside in hopes of lowering the spread of the Coronavirus. The country’s population is evidently divided on where they stand in terms of being in lockdown or wanting statewide lockdowns to end.

#LockdownEnd on Twitter