The Brief: The #StickyChallenge is a new TikTok dance challenge created by singer Keke Palmer. It is performed to her new single "Sticky."


Singer Keke Palmer launched the #StickyChallenge on TikTok. The dance is set to her new single “Sticky” which was released on April 16. Palmer uploaded part 1 of her #StickyChallenge on April 18. This version of the dance involves throwing it back and movements similar to that of the #OutWestChallenge. This video received over 20,000 likes and 126,000 views at the time of publication.

@kekepalmer##StickyChallenge♬ Sticky – Keke Palmer

Palmer launched part 2 of the #StickyChallenge on April 20. It is marked by crossing of the arms and twerking. This video received over 60,000 likes and 275,900 views in one day.

@kekepalmer##stickychallenge ##part2♬ Sticky – Keke Palmer

Part 1 of the dance challenge is performed to “Sticky” lyrics:

Lip gloss sticky, attitude b*tchy
How I taste? Peachy
He wanna lick my keke
I don’t drip, I’m leaky
In that thing knee deep
Have him singing with me-

Oh oh oh, oh oh it’s the thing to do
Oh oh, got my hands on you

Part 2 is performed to these lyrics:

Oh oh, got my hand on you

I’m in a foreign whip
Crossing the boarder, sh*t
You can’t afford the tip
You can’t afford to hit
Twerk on some Florida sh*t
He can’t get bored with this
That’s why he ice my wrist
Who you know rock it like this?

Both versions are growing on the app with the hashtag #StickyChallenge accruing over 487,900 views. The song “Sticky” has been used in 436 videos since it was uploaded onto the app. TikTokers are down for the #StickyChallenge and are attempting both versions.

Popular TikToker @SkaiBeauty took part in the challenge, uploading her take on part 2 on April 20. Her video received over 74,000 views and 8900 likes.

@skaibeautyHad to hop on this one 🥺 dc: @kekepalmer tag her, tag her, tag her. 🥰💕

♬ Sticky – Keke Palmer

The NaeNae Twins (@NaeNaeTwinsOfficial) also attempted part 1 of the dance and received over 28,300 views and 3200 likes.


DC: @kekepalmer ##stickychallenge ##sticky ##kekepalmer ##dance ##naenaetwins ##twins

♬ Sticky – Keke Palmer